Almost a Perfect Game! What to take away from Max Scherzer’s No Hitter!


This week in baseball we saw an incredible pitching performance from ex-Detroit Tiger and Current Washington Nationals pitcher Max Scherzer. Scherzer has started this season off with some impressive numbers, even impressive for him as we all know Max Scherzer is one of the greatest pitchers in the league and coming off of a great 2014 season and winning the Cy Young Award in his 2013 season.

Max’s Statistics So Far:

Record: 8-5

Era: 1.76

Strikeouts: 123

WHIP: 0.80

Max Scherzer has also probably made the greatest back-to-back starts that we have seen since Johnny Vander Meer threw back-to-back no hitters in 1938. Max Scherzer kept a perfect game going into the 7th inning two sunday’s ago (6/14) against the Milwaukee Brewers, where he unfortunately let up a walk and hit. However he still managed to throw a complete game shutout and a 1-hitter against the brewers in this game. About a week later last saturday (6/20) Max kept a perfect game going against the Pittsburg Pirates until the ninth inning with 2 outs where he hit batter Jose Tabata yielding a walk. Scherzer was able to popup the next batter Josh Harrison and complete his no-hitter, the 289th no-hitter in major league history!

Scherzer’s amazing last two game statistics:

6/14/15 Vs. Milwaukee Brewers:

Innings Pitched: 9.0 (Complete Game)

Hits: 1

Earned Runs: 0

Walks: 1

Strike Outs: 16

Pitches Thrown: 119

6/20/15 Vs. Pittsburg Pirates:

Innings Pitched: 9.0 (Complete Game)

Hits: 1

Walks: 0

Earned Runs: 0

Strike Outs: 10

Pitches Thrown: 106

As you can in the last 18 innings Scherzer has pitched he’s allowed 0 runs while striking out 26 batters and allowing just 1 walk, Pretty incredible two game stat line that will be remembered for a long time!